About Us

Mercedes Enterprises Inc was founded in 2008 with one important vision in mind: Every credit report matters..

At Mercedes Enterprises Inc. of Uniondale, NY, we work with consumers and entrepreneurs to build strong credit and repair errors on their credit reports. Our team is composed of people who understand real life credit situations, whether you are trying to buy a house or obtain funding to grow your business, credit is important.

We provide numerous services, including: Credit Repair, Business Credit Building and Business Loans.

We believe that a small business owner should spend time running their business, not trying to figure out how they will obtain financing, leave that to us. Our staff is trained and experienced to handle even the the most complex financing process so you can focus on your business.

Our main office is located in Uniondale, NY but we work with businesses and consumers from most cities and states where legally allowed. Our company uses the latest technology to facilitate both credit repair and business funding or business credit building for our clients.

We can help you in securing cash funding and small business loans even if your credit is less than perfect but will be happy to help you repair your credit if needed. Our success depends on yours.

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