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3 Tips to Getting Errors Removed from your Credit Report

  You see lots of ads on TV about the importance of monitoring your credit score. But, sometimes, checking your credit score isn’t enough. According to an FTC study, one in four consumers identified errors on their credit reports that might affect their credit scores. If you’re that “one in four,” you also need to know how to fix those errors on your credit report. Unfortunately, fixing your credit report ..

The Story of Kenneth Baker

Kenneth Baker had a single financial objective from the early part of 2005 until March 2006 – he wanted to move his family into a new home. The family home in Loudoun County, Virginia was too cramped for his wife, daughter, and wife’s children. In order to move, Kenneth needed approval for a mortgage. It shouldn’t have been too hard – after all, Kenneth had always paid his bills on time. Unfortunately for Kenn..

6 Secrets to Better Credit

Good credit is necessary to get approval for a mortgage or other loan. The ability to borrow money is not the only thing that can be hampered by bad credit. More and more landlords and property management companies are checking the credit of prospective renters to judge if they are reliable. These 6 secrets to better credit can help consumers improve their credit scores so that their credit will help them achieve th..

Understanding FICO

If you've ever applied for a mortgage loan to purchase property or refinance, you're sure to have heard about your FICO score.

What is a FICO score?

A FICO score, or credit score, is like a grade given to you based on your purchasing on credit and how you pay back the amounts of credit you are loaned. The mathematical formulation of the FICO score was develope..

Interview With CEO

Bladimir Mercedes

CEO & Founder

Mercedes Enterprises INC


Bladimir Mercedes is the CEO and Founder of Mercedes Enterprises INC, an Advanced Credit Repair Company based in New York. He has taught and helped thousands of people improve their credit since 1998. He is an acknowledged credit repair expert and industry le..

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