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Credit Repair

Life Changing Results

Our company focuses on providing results by challenging inaccurate, unverifiable information on your credit file.

Business Credit

Establish Business Credit

We have the solution to help you establish excellent credit for your business.

Business Funding

Get Funding Fast

We help you secure funding for your business in practical time.

Success Stories

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

We are only successful when we can help you reach your goals. Hear stories from our satisfied clients and their experience.      

Vehicle Financing

Any Car, Any Price, Anywhere

We provide the ultimate auto financing experience. All from the comfort of your home.

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Generate Consistent Monthly Commission Checks By Simply Sending Visitors To Our Website or Referring Clients to Our Company!

Our Affiliate Program is free to join for a limited time and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. We recommended that you own a website or social media accounts like twitter, facebook, myspace to be part of this Affiliate Program (but not required). You can simply send clients either to our website directly or via a webform to start receiving commissions when those clients sign up for our services.

You can get paid referral fees for simply sending traffic to . It is easy to receive between $500 - $1000 per month for promoting our Credit Repair Services, even if you don't own a website or your site has low traffic. Some of our top affiliates earn thousands per month just for sending visitors to our site and referring clients and leads to our company! Our Affiliate Program is one of the most aggressive in the industry!

Mercedes Enterprises INC is a credit repair company and an industry leader. We have numerous free resources and tips for people looking to repair and improve their credit. We have helped Hundreds of clients remove inaccurate derogatory information from their credit reports and improve their credit scores to qualifying levels. Not only do we help clients improves their credit situations, we also share the proceeds with our affiliates.

We also have several other services, blog posts, video content, and social community (with thousands of members) and more!

Maria Vasilescu

Our primary and most popular service is our Individual Credit Repair Program. Additionally, we offer a Joint Credit Repair Program for couples. We also help clients establish new credit by connecting them with companies that will guarantee new credit.

We also provide other services such as Debt Settlement and Legal Insurance. When you send visitors to our website we will keep them coming back through various channels and resources. This means higher conversion and profits for your.

Generate Consistent Monthly Commission Checks By Simply Sending Visitors To Our Website or Referring Clients to Our Company!

This is how it Works

By simply placing links on your site to our website (whether simple text links or banners that we provide you), you get paid referral fees for every piece sold, based on the payout chart below or the specific affiliate program you have bee approved for. You can also send us leads and clients using webforms that we provide to you which can be tracked back to you.

You have to apply to be an affiliate by fcompleting our Affiliate Application form and we'll send you your very own affiliate code via email. The Affiliate code will allow you to access our fully-interactive affiliate resource center where you can set up as many links and banners to our site as you want! You can refer clients using the forms inside the ffiliate center. You can also track the progress of your existing clients. There are also several "copy and paste" e-mail promotions ready to be sent to your mailing list or newsletter. We have the goods to help you earn huge profits when promoting our services!

You earn commissions for every customer who clicks on your links and banners and signs up for our services based on the structure below:

We have four affiliate levels:

Program Level Bronze Program Silver Program Gold Program Platinum Program
Commission % 15% 15% 20% 25%
Sub-Referral % 5% 5% 5% 5%
Required Amount of Clients 1 to 10 Clients per Month 11 to 25 Clients per Month 26 to 50 Clients per Month 51 to 100+ Clients per month
Pays % of Signup Fee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pays % of Deleted Items No Yes Yes Yes
Pays % of Monthly Fee No No No Yes

Sub-Referral Fee

You'll receive commissions from Sub-Affiliates you recruit in the amounts specified above. If you recommend people to our affiliate program on this page and they join, you'll automatically receive commissions for services THEY SELL for as long as they promote our products and you remain an active affiliate. We will provide you complete details on how to promote our affiliate program after you sign up and when you log into the resource center.