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Our company focuses on providing results by challenging inaccurate, unverifiable information on your credit file.

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"Here's How You Can Kick Your Bad Credit To The Curb...FOREVER!"

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You're about to discover the FASTEST all-in-one credit repair solution that takes care of all your credit problems for you!

I'm sure you already know that dreaded feeling of having bad credit...

It lingers inside you, giving you that horrible feeling that you will never get to own your dream car or house someday. The feeling can be downright defeating and depressing.

Well things are about to change for you ...

RIGHT NOW you have a second chance to fully repair your credit with Mercedes Enterprises. It's simple really; we take care of all the hard stuff for you.

And here's the GOOD news, it doesn't matter how bad your credit situation is, we have you covered ...

You won't have to worry about learning complicated credit laws, disputing your credit, or writing lengthy letters to creditors. As you probably already know, all of this can be completely overwhelming, even reading credit reports can be a pain to understand.

Here's what we will do for you when you choose Mercedes Enterprises today to solve your credit problems...

  • We'll audit your full credit report (All Three Bureaus) and explain all of the information on your credit report and how it affects you.
  • We'll discuss the details of your credit scores and the different types of credit scores available.
  • We'll help you clearly identify inaccuracies and potential errors on your credit report.
  • We'll set you up with a client portal with 24-hour access, 365 days a year, to everything we do.
  • You'll get UNLIMITED access to our help through phone, email, chat, mail, by video and in person. We are real people.
  • You'll get UNLIMITED disputes with the credit bureaus. That's right, if you want it disputed we won't stop until say so or until it's gone.
  • Finally, you'll get UNLIMITED direct creditor disputes!
We will help you repair your credit so you can start over with your new life, and being able to buy the things you have dreamed of!