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I’m sure you already know that dreaded feeling of having bad credit…

It lingers inside you, giving you that horrible feeling that you will never get to own your dream car or house someday. The feeling can be downright defeating and depressing.

Well things are about to change for you…

RIGHT NOW you have a second chance to fully repair your credit with Mercedes Enterprises. It’s simple really; we take care of all the hard stuff for you.

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You won’t have to worry about learning complicated credit laws, disputing your credit, or writing lengthy letters to creditors. As you probably already know, all of this can be completely overwhelming, even reading credit reports can be a pain to understand.

Here’s what we will do for you when you choose Mercedes Enterprises today to solve your credit problems…

    • We’ll audit your full credit report (All Three Bureaus) and explain all of the information on your credit report and how it affects you.
    • We’ll discuss the details of your credit scores and the different types of credit scores available.
    • We’ll help you clearly identify inaccuracies and potential errors on your credit report.
    • We’ll set you up with a client portal with 24-hour access, 365 days a year, to everything we do.
    • You’ll get UNLIMITED access to our help through phone, email, chat, mail, by video and in person. We are real people.
    • You’ll get UNLIMITED disputes with the credit bureaus. That's right, if you want it disputed we won't stop until say so or until it's gone.
    • Finally, you’ll get UNLIMITED direct creditor disputes!



BOTTOMLINE: We will help you repair your credit so
you can start over with your new life, and being able to
buy the things you have dreamed of!




I’m sure you might be interested in our service, but have a few of the questions below. Here are some of the most popular questions we get from people like yourself who are interested in our service…


Can bad credit really be removed from my credit report?

Absolutely, and for many reasons. The obvious one being that a creditor has erroneously submitted it to a credit bureau. Many consumers' credit reports are incomplete and inaccurate. By law, Credit bureaus are obligated to remove erroneous account information in an expedient manner. Credit bureaus and even government officials employed by the federal trade commission want you to believe that it is not possible to delete bad credit from your credit report. We will do it legally and efficiently, in a manner in accordance with all the rules and regulations inherent upon our company.

How much does bad credit really cost?

It costs approximately eight thousand dollars ($8,000.00) to finance a twenty thousand dollar ($20,000.00) car over the course of five years.

It also costs approximately one-hundred-thirty thousand dollars ($130,000.00) over the course of thirty years to finance just a $100,000.00 one-hundred thousand dollar home.

An individual with bad credit will not be able to obtain a prime credit card. There are a few credit cards available for individuals with bad credit, they are called sub-prime credit cards that usually come with exorbitant set-up fees, high interest rates and often require cash deposits. Most of these credit card issuers do not report your positive credit card activity to the credit bureaus.

Can deleted accounts reappear on my credit report?

It is possible but very unlikely. The way in which Mercedes Enterprises disputes and contests the procedure in which the original creditor used to go about submitting the account to the credit bureaus minimizes this possibility.

Does paying off past due accounts help improve my credit ratings?

To a very limited extent. The best way to improve a person's credit rating is to remove the negative item from their credit profile.

Why should I hire you when I can dispute innacurate items myself?

Anyone can correct his or her own credit. Let's face it, many of us could represent ourselves in the court of law or file our own taxes as well, but we would rather hire lawyers and accountants. We offer a professional alternative to correcting your credit profile. Due in part to the fact that creditors and credit reporting agencies do not want to remove negative items from consumers profiles, they will use a variety of roadblocks and bureaucratic red tape to delay the process and elude the credit laws. We are all too familiar with these tactics and have developed the best known plan of action to make sure the creditors as well as the credit reporting agencies adhere to and abide by all the rules and regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It has been our experience and for many reasons that the majority of creditors and the credit reporting agencies themselves have had much difficulty following proper Federal procedure either in handling and/or submitting a negative account to be placed on a consumers credit profile.

Should I file Credit Disputes Online?

Not recommended. Even if you decide not hire us, one of the worst ways to go about repairing your credit is to file disputes online. The credit bureaus want you to believe that the convenience itself will benefit you but that couldn't be further from the truth. It will save the credit bureaus money and will allow the creditor to just click one button to verify that their data is correct. Stay away from online disputes if you can.

Can items such as bankruptcies and foreclosures be removed?

Absolutely. Although we can't guarantee the removal of any specific item on your credit report, we have been successful at removing items of public record such as Bankruptcies and have done so for many of our past clients. This includes Tax liens whether Federal or State as well as Civil Judgments. These are all considered items of public record.

As you know, being able to trust a company with your credit is VITAL. There are a lot of “scammy” sites out there that simply either don’t follow through, or even worse, can DAMAGE YOUR CREDIT even further!


We are proud of the work we do, and we are here to serve you with quality assistance and credit repair resolution. Period.


Here are just a few of the very satisfied testimonials
from some of our recent clients…

Jason M

"Hello my name is Jason, and I want to thank Mercedes Enterprises for helping correct numerous errors on my credit report. A few months ago I looked at my credit and couldn't believe what I saw. I saw a bunch of things that I didn't even understand or knew where they came from. I contacted a Consultant at Mercedes Enterprises and they explained everything to me. What I loved the most was that I was going to be paying for results.

Two months later they had more than half of the negative information removed. They kept me informed the whole time. I am very happy I made the decision to hire them, They delivered.

I'm Jason, and I'm a happy client of Mercedes Enterprises Advanced Credit Solutions".

Jason M, Gilbert, AZ

Maria Vasilescu

"Mercedes Enterprises helped me improve my credit score in about 2 months. I contacted someone at the company and they explained the whole process to me. After 30 days of signing up, I started receiving results in the mail from the credit bureaus and after two months I was done.

Thanks Mercedes Enterprises."

Maria Vasilescu

Rene Johnson

"Hi my name is Rene Johnson, and what I love about the Mercedes Enterprises Credit Repair Program is that it focuses on results, I basically paid for the stuff that was removed from my credit, after it was removed fom my credit report. They are also really good I keeping me informed.

I later learned that Bladimir Mercedes himself was the inventor of this system, no wonder it works so well...

Thanks Bladimir, you changed my life!!"

Rene Johnson, Brooklyn, NY



Are YOU ready to repair your credit and let the experts take care of it for you?


REMEMBER: Credit repair is our specialty, and we would love to help you get out of the financial credit hole that you are in, and back to living the happy life you deserve!



    • Give the credit bureaus a run for their errors
    • Have a fighting chance against bad credit
    • Legally rebuild new real credit
    • know where you stand before you apply for anything
    • Legally have derogatory items deleted from your credit report